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Maxi Cab and Limousine Cab

Singapore Limousine cabs and Maxi cabs, offer travelers an array of choices for a taxi tour of Singapore, as well as transfers for corporate meetings, events, medical chaperon, airport arrival and departure service.

Singapore Limousine Cab, Maxi Cab and TaxiIf you are at Singapore, as a tourist, or even for a longer stay, avail of our services! We have solutions to most of your problems! To take you to all important events of the city, to let you attend corporate meetings or seminars on time, or for airport transfer, we have our exclusive taxi services at your disposal.

Our website, provides all the information that a traveler might require about places of interest, important events, timings of events and holidays to make these decisions.

Enjoy Free and Easy City Tour

We have no restrictions on the time of the tour or its duration. You can take a taxi tour in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night. Likewise, the tourist attraction spots that you like to visit are also your choice.

Taxi Tourist Guide

Our Taxi Tourist Guides are the most distinguishing part of the taxi services we offer. The drivers who take you around the city on the taxi tour are experienced tourist guides who have received accreditation from the Singapore Tourism Board. They display their certification tags and help you with all the information that a newcomer to the city needs. Our list of Taxi Tourist Guides provides details of the Guides' experience and their knowledge of the location and history of all tourist attractions of Singapore.

Maxi Cabs, Limousine Cabs and Taxis

Our cabs that take you around for the taxi tour, are beautifully upholstered and well-maintained, and are a byword in elegance and comfort. They are designed for the ultimate customer satisfaction. To seat four people, we have the ordinary taxi, or the plusher Mercedes Limousine cab. Besides that, we also have the Maxicab or Mercedes Minivan, which can seat 7 people and so is more suited for families or those traveling as a group.

Corporate Transfers, Airport Transfer and Events Transfer

Besides offering taxi tours of the city, we also cater to many other transportation needs of the customers. Our taxis are available for airport transfer of people, on arrival or while leaving. We also meet people's other transport requirements of attending corporate events like seminars or meetings, participating in local events and even personal visits.

Language Proficiency

With the type of Guides we provide, tourists hardly experience any communication problem. All our Guides are multilingual, with a high level of fluency in English, Mandarin and Malay. Some have the knowledge of one or more additional languages as well.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

Our Maxi cab and Limousine cab drivers are carefully selected for outstanding customers service, performance and others stringent requirements. The selected ones are the best and eloquent professionals in the transport industry.
They take pride in redeeming safe, courteous and reliable transportation that consistently exceeds customers expectations in Singapore. Their excellent and clean driving record, ensure your ride is safe and comfortable throughout the journey.
You can trust them for their honesty and integrity, as they take care of your baggage and belongings while you are enjoying your city tour.
Vehicles undergo regular servicing and are well maintained in the highest standards so that safe traveling is guaranteed.

If you are not a first time visitor and have already availed of our services once, you have the added advantage of being able to ask for a specific Taxi Tourist Guide, whose service you have availed.

Remember not to miss the luxury of our Limousine cabs and Maxi cabs when you come to this multicultural, beautiful city. And never miss any events, corporate, personal or general, just because you have not made advance arrangements. We are always there, ready to serve you.

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