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The services, which the Taxi Tourist Guides of Singapore provide, are of a unique category. Nowhere else in the world would you see a group of people so dedicated to customer service, or an organization fashioned to suit customer requirements in so fulfilling a manner.

Singapore Taxi AcademyThe prime function of our exclusive association is to provide taxi tours to the visitors, who come to our beautiful city. But besides these attractive taxi tours, we also offer solutions to all types of road transportation challenges that generally beset tourists. And this website of ours is our voice. Through this we reach out to the tourists and acquaint them with our services.

This groups known as Taxi Tourist Guides came into being in March 2004 as a result of an agreement between Singapore Taxi Academy and Singapore Tourism Board. Singapore Taxi Academy is a non-profit organization working to ensure better training and benefits for all those employed in the taxi industry. The academy pooled its resources with the Singapore Tourism Board to give rise to the mutually beneficial society of Taxi Tourist Guides.

In order to get an accreditation, a Taxi Tourist Guide has to undergo a prescribed training. The training consists of a well-coordinated set of theoretical and practical lessons. Information is imparted to the Guide on the colonial past and successful present of the country, in the best multicultural perspective, to familiarize him with the history and importance of places of tourist attraction. There is also the more practical training on rules, regulations, behavioral norms for interacting with visitors, as well as obligatory guiding practices.

A Taxi Tourist Guide is trained in a way that the tourist returns with the best impression of the place, its people and the unique taxi tour the organization offers. The training period, at the end of which the Guide receives certification, is three months. The course curriculum has been chosen and developed with extreme care. The costs incurred for the course material selection, by researches and group studies over a period of time, were quite high. But because of this standardized instruction, we are trained to be a group of highly skilled Taxi Tourist Guides.

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