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Singapore Boat Quay

There is also some of the most spectacular dining offered on the Boat Quay, and is in fact the most photographed scene in Singapore. Then again a person can also enjoy a tranquil meal at the Robertson Quay, a short way down river.

The Boat Quay is known for its after hour's entertainment, with three other Quays just as wonderful. These Singapore River destinations give a new meaning to "Dining on the River". Many pubs, restaurants and entertainment of all persuasions, are available, for the enjoyment of many.

Entertainment and dining on the Quays is conducive to a memorable experience. The Boat Quay offers a wide array of dining from light snacks to full course meals. Many a visitor to Singapore is spoiled by the variety and affordable prices, of the Boat Quay. This Quay is often the Hub for white collar activity, and many businesses in the nearby area, discuss corporate goings on.

Only a century ago, the Boat Quay was considered a hot house for trading. As Sir Raffles, signed the agreement, for the title of the free port of Singapore. Many immigrants from neighbouring countries began to arrive.

Very soon after, coolies and swaylos (water-hands) were balancing heavy gunny-sacks full of rice, as well as other produce over their shoulder. They supplied many of the needs for neighbouring villages. By the 1860, Majority if all the shipping was done at the Boat Quay.

On the southern side of the Boat Quay, there are many homes that date back more than 70 years. Many of these structures are conserved and maintain the beauty they had, when they were first built.

Due to the shape of the Boat Quay being similar to the belly of a carp. Chinese believers think that this has brought them prosperity and wealth, so many shops are crammed together. The varying size of the shops was a sign of a man's wealth and the taller shops belonged to wealthier owners.

One of the biggest adventures on the Boat Quay is the Bumboat ride over Clarke Quay and Merlion Park. People enjoy the beauty of Singapore from the centre of the River. Many older architectural marvels and modern skyscrapers can be seen from the Singapore River. A person will even see grand old bridges, with diverse designs decorated aw well with Bygone era Lamps.


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