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Singapore Botanic Garden

Singapore is an ever-green city. Situated in the middle of this green, island city, as a greener oasis, is its Botanic Gardens. Blooming in myriad colors throughout the year, Singapore Botanic Gardens is a visual treat for tourists. The garden's brilliant colors keep changing round the year, for the plants and flowers here are young and old and seasonal and perennial.

Launched in 1859, sprawling over an area of more than 52 hectares, this beautifully landscaped garden houses a wide variety of plant life, including some very rare species. Every plant is properly tagged, with its common name and botanical name, for the easy comprehension of laymen as well as enthusiastic botanists.

The Botanic Gardens has three main sections. These are Tanglin Core, Central Core and Bukit Timah Core. Tanglin Core includes the Swan Lake, Swan Lake Gazebo, Swiss Ball Fountain, Bandstand, Sculptures and Orchids of Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Swan Lake

Was built in 1866, an added feature to the Botanic Garden. In this lake you will find a pair of beautiful mute swan which was imported from Amsterdam and a landmark island with huge cluster of elegant Nibong palms. Water from this lake is also an important source to the Garden.

Swan Lake Gazebo

It was erected in 2001 overlooking the Swan Lake, this Victorian cast-iron garden shelter serves as rain shelter, resting point and scenic view over the lake.


An octagonal shape structure was built in 1930, for many decades it served as a focal point and place for military band performances. No longer used for music, today the archaic architecture remains as a prominent landmark in Botanic Garden.

Swiss Ball Fountain

It was a gift from the Swiss Community of Singapore to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation in 1991. This granite ball weighing 700kg with a diameter of 80cm sculpted by Swiss sculptor Mr. Fausch, resting on to 3 tonnes basal block and kept afloat by strong water pressure through the basal block.


Strengthen the beauty and interest of the Garden. Sculpted by British sculptor, Mr. Harpley, the Girl on a Swing, Girl on a bicycle and Lady on a Hammock symbolizes youth and fun of living, specially dedicated to the children in Singapore. The 3 bronze sculptures were gifts to the Garden by former Singapore's Ambassador of France, Spain and Portugal, Mr. David Marshall.

At the Central Core, you find Ginger Garden, Palm Valley, Evolution Garden, an unscathed primary Rainforest, Symphony Lake and The National Orchid Garden.

Ginger Garden

Occupying a hectare of land, contains more than 250 species of members from the Zingiberaceae and its related families. Many have amazingly attractive plant forms, beautiful leaves and flowers. You will also find plants such as bananas, Heliconias, prayer plants, cannas, and a little-known family called the Lowiaceae with orchid-like flowers. Ginger Garden divided into special zones arranged by themes in according to its attractiveness, usefulness or countries of their origin.

The Palm Valley at Singapore Botanic Garden Palm Valley

The Palm Valley has a collection of more than 115 genera and 220 species set in herringbone formation showcasing the amazing palm family. Some of these palms such as Traveller's palm and Bottle palm are used as decorative ornamental items at Raffles Hotel and Oriental Hotel respectively.

Symphony Lake providing important source of water to National Orchid Garden.Symphony Lake

Completed in 1976, the lake abounded with tropical fishes and water plants such as water lilies. The 25m circular Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage was built into the lake. It serves as a leading outdoor setting for musical performances in the garden. Apart from being a significant landscape feature, the water from the lake also serves as an important source of water for National Orchid Garden.

The National Orchid Garden that display a wide range of orchidsThe National Orchid Garden

Displays over 60,000 colourful orchids against contrasting appearances of tropical foliage. A stroll in the terraced garden brings you from the freshness of springtime to the coolness of winter as colourful orchids blend with tropical plants. Inside Orchid Cool House, you find a glass conservatory displaying orchids and other plants from the tropical highlands. VIP Orchid Garden showcasing over 100 of amazing selected hybrids named after many State Visitors, VIPs and Celebrities.

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Operating Hours:
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Opening hours: 0500 hours to 2359 hours
Admission Fee: Free

National Orchid Garden
Opening hours: 0830 hours to 1900 hours daily
Admission Fee : Adults S$5.00
Students : S$1.00
Senior Citizens (60 age and above) S$1.00
Children: Free


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