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Singapore Chinatown

The arrival of the Chinese immigrants let to the evolution of what is known as Chinatown near Telok Ayer. The heart of Chinatown is located around the Smith/Trengganu Streets vicinity. The town is very populated and is home to a colourful group of streets and alleys. The merchants of the area do business in pre-war houses which was passed down from many generations.

Streets of Singapore ChinatownGuests can admire all the beautiful scenery and sounds that Chinatown has to offer. Some of these include noisy coffee shops, medical halls, calligraphers, clay makers, trishaw riders and old temples. In addition, they may also be interested in looking at medicine stores brew potions by mixing snake skin, herbs, spices and exotic ingredients. See traditional delicacies like sea cucumbers drying, hawkers grilling thin slices of pork and fortune tellers at makeshift tables. They can also get great deals on embroidered kimonos,
T-shirts, pottery and other traditional art and craft.

For sports check out Club Street and Ann Siang Hill the address for many clans and sports groups. The area is now a major source of designer fashion boutiques, chic bars and gourmet restaurants. This is a beautiful area for relaxing and enjoying the old fashioned shop houses.

At nights, visit the Chinatown Food Street. You can get a sample of all local foods from the different stalls and take a bite of the alfresco meal. Then after a tasty meal you can now stroll along the Chinatown Night Market.

Buddha Tooth Relic TempleWhat Buddhists leaders consider the Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic is located in the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum at the centre of Chinatown. The Sacred Buddha Tooth Relic is a glorious Relic Stupa composed of 420kg of gold donated by worshipers.

The magnificent Maitreya Buddha image can be viewed as soon as guests enter the grand 27 feet high main hall in the temple. By observing the beauty and majesty of the hall alone guests can get a taste of the dedication the carpenters and crafters put in their effort in building the temple. The structural design, interior and statuary are inspirations by the Tang Dynasty, a period in China where Buddhism thrived in a spectacular age of arts and culture. On the roof of the temple lays the pure elegance of the Dendrobium Buddha Tooth, a specie of orchid given its name after Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum.

Singapore Chinatown Heritage CentreTo get a taste of the life and misery of the early Chinese settlers and inhabitants of Chinatown guests can visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre at 48 Pagoda Street. There is a three-storey shop that portrays their ways of living, traditional backgrounds and rough times with the use sights, sound and smells.

While travelling the road you will be sure to encounter the oldest Hindu Temple in Singapore Sri Mariamman Temple. On the entrance you can see symbolic sculptures of Hindu deities and mythological beasts. A fifteen minutes walk from Sri Mariamman Temple into Telok Ayer Street. You can find the Thian Hock Keng Temple, another of Singapore's oldest and the most Magnificent Chinese temple which correlate with early Chinese migrants.




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