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Singapore Clarke Quay

The Clarke Quay has five blocks of industrial buildings to go along with the more appealing attractions. This Quay has a variety of second hand shops, restaurants, and quirky entertainment within its borders. Many inhabitants and visitors, shop, eat and are entertained by the riverside.

Singapore Clarke QuayThis Quay gained its name from Sir Andrew Clarke, Singapore's second
governor and is considered the commercial hub of Singapore. Many if the lighters of the day, transported goods to the warehouses, in the Clark Quay.

Now these warehouses are shops that offer many extravagant goods.
Relatively close to the Clarke Quay on the River Valley Road is the Whampoa's Ice House, which belonged to Hoo Ah Kay. This early immigrant from Whampoa, China imported ice from Boston in the mid 1800's. Soon Chinese and European merchants brought their own architectural styles to the area.

Singapore started its foundations, on the banks of the river 150 years ago. Once a humble fishing village it soon became a major seaport that increased trade for the East and West. Soon, the Sansui women and stevedores filled the streets, as hawkers, fisherman, traders and workers supplied an abundance of goods.

There is abundance of night life in Clark Quay. Many types of fanfare, bars entertainment spots and retail shops are easily found. This quay offers more of a bustling atmosphere and many cultures collide in the streets.

Clarke Quay is today a mix of modern meets traditional and many of the
Bygone era remnants still remain. Many factories and shops show you how they make their goods. Visitors to the area will go to the Royal Selangor Process Demonstration tour.

Individuals whom join the tour learn how to make their own pewter dish. At the end they receive a certificate of completion, as well. For more of an adrenaline rush, try the G-Max reverse Bungee. In fact, this is Singapore's first and only reverses Bungee. Direct from New Zealand, the open-air capsule catapults you to a height of 60 meters at a staggering speed of 200km/hr. for an easier ride, hop onto a traditional trishaw and take in the spectacular views. Cruises down the historic waterways, in an authentic bumboat, offer a rare glimpse of old shop houses and go downs.


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