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Corporate Transfer

We have plush Limousine cabs and Maxi cabs for the corporate staff to choose from. Our drivers are polite, consummate professionals who solve much of the corporate officers' problems by their expertise of the local areas, local safety rules and local timings and holidays. People at all corporate levels, from those from multinationals to smaller entrepreneurs, avail of our services. We cater with equal efficiency to all types of their needs.

For corporate executives, time is always at a premium. At senior corporate level, people are so busy taking major decisions and making the day for the company, that they have often little time to attend to the minor details of their travel. Still, their personal attendance and punctuality at corporate events are important for the efficient working of their respective companies.
In this era of globalization, senior corporate executives might have to attend a board meeting in one country in the morning and a corporate event in another country in the evening. While flight bookings are done by their respective companies, airport transfer could pose a problem for them. At Singapore, our taxi services solve this problem in a big way. You can book our services via our website and we can provide you with instant and most reliable airport transfer facility and the most courteous service.

Hassle-free travel arrangements would solve half the corporate problems. There is no bigger problem for a corporate executive to get stranded at the airport without proper airport transfer arrangement. Our prompt and efficient taxi services pick up corporate executives from airport at short notice and take them to whatever corporate event they have to attend. Our taxi can again drive him back from the venue of the corporate event to the airport or whichever other place he wants to go to.

We work in a rigid way in that we keep time to the second, follow rules to an inch. But at the same time we are flexible in that your stops in-between does not have to be pre-scheduled. You can pick up and drop clients and customers in between and we will ensure that they also see and appreciate the way in which we attend to you.

If you are coming to Singapore for the first time, book our taxi services to ensure safe and timely airport transfer and your punctual attendance at any corporate event, be it a meeting or seminar or luncheon. If it is a local event like an industry exhibition or even a local festival event that you are keen not to miss, then also you can rely on us for sure and timely transportation. We have Limousine cabs that can seat four, Maxi cab that can seat seven and Mini bus for thirteen.

Consummate elegance and comfort is ensured, whichever the taxi you would be choosing. And if you are already experienced our courtesy once, you can even ask for the services of the same driver who took you around the previous time or the same Limousine cab or Maxi cab you enjoyed once. We know the intense pressure under which you work. We know the value of your time. So we work in a way to make sure that you would not be forced to waste even a single minute of it.

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