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Frequent Questions and Answers

How do I make an online reservation?

The online reservations submitted through our system are processed daily for advance bookings. We will reply all online bookings within 24 hours. Please submit your online reservation to

Can I make a telephone booking?

Yes, of course. We take calls 24 hours daily. Customers who require our immediate attention are encouraged to call our hotline 9025 8000 directly.

Do I get a confirmation of my booking?

Yes, your confirmation will be send via a short message service (SMS) with cab number, driver’s name and driver’s contact number.

What is a current booking?

Current booking is an urgent phone booking requesting our immediate service. Subject to availability, we will try to despatch a vehicle nearest to you.

Can I arrange for a regular pick-up?

Yes. We will be most happy to render daily pick-up service. Please furnish us your details of requirements.

Is there any extra charges?

Midnight surcharge of S$12 applicable for transfers from 0000 to 0600 hours.
Extra stop charges of S$10 for each stop applicable within 2 kilometre of pick-up and drop off.

What are your modes of payment?

We accept cash and credit card. An administrative and tax charges applicable for credit card payment, imposed by our cab company.

How many passengers can a Maxi cab takes?

Maxi cab is a spacious cab that is suitable for seven passengers including their personal luggage.

How many Maxi cabs are there in Singapore?

There are about 180 Maxi cabs in Singapore.

How many Limousine cabs are there in Singapore?

There are about 2,500 Limousine cabs in Singapore.

How do I make a Changi Airport arrival pick up?

Furnish us your flight details, name and date of your arrival via email or SMS. Our driver will be receiving you at the gate of the arrival hall. Approach our driver who will be carrying a board with your name on it, and he will help you with your luggage and lead you to his cab.

How do I make an airport departure arrangement?

Furnish us your name, pick up address, date and time via email or SMS. We will acknowledge and response to your booking with confirmation via email or SMS.

Is Taxi Tourist Guide qualified and licence guides?

Our Taxi Tourist Guides are qualified and licence guides, accredited by the Singapore Tourism Board. Each guide carries a tag issued by the Singapore Tourism Board as proof of identity while conducting a tour.

How many Taxi Tourist Guides are there in Singapore?

Currently, there are 138 taxi tourist guides in Singapore.



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