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Singapore Flyer

A tour of Singapore must include the Singapore Flyer. This is a stupendous ride on a incredibly large wheel which will give you the most breathtaking view of Singapore City. Technically, you can call it a Ferris wheel, but definitely unlike any other Ferris wheel in the world!

Singapore FlyerThe Singapore Flyer is the tallest Ferris wheel structure that is 42 flights high, and reaches an amazing height of 165 meters! You can ride on any one of the 28 air-conditioned capsules. Although it was temporarily stopped for necessary repairs and renovations last December, it is now flying high and mightily over Singapore's panorama once more.

It has a newly installed safety backup system that has been credited an international group of experts. This makes the Singapore Flyer the safest entertainment Ferris wheel in the world.

The entire ride will give you a visual tour of Singapore, including the nearby Straits of Johor in Malaysia, and the Indonesian Spice Islands. You can literally see from miles around.

Upon entering the Singapore Flyer structure, you will be surprise to find out that it has more to offer than the ride. Your entire group or family can enjoy amazing adventures like the culinary delights of the Seafood Paradise, shopping, an urban version of a tropical rain forest, a Greek theatre, a fish foot spa, and an interactive water fountain.

From the observation capsules of the Singapore Flyer, you can see real time action at the street circuit of the Singapore Formula One. In fact, the paddocks of the formula cars are located beside the Singapore Flyer, which is amazing on its own.

For the perfect tour package, there is basic information you must know. First, some of the dates may be blocked off for corporate functions or private affairs. This means you need to check for closed dates before making your plans to tour the Singapore Flyer.

Second, there are two kinds of guided tours: the English tour and the Japanese tour. Of course, you may choose to go around on your own, and that would also make for a pleasant visit because you are under no time constraints whatsoever.

The Singapore Flyer is entirely accessible to everyone. People with disabilities or handicaps will never have to worry about going around. From the parking to being inside the Singapore Flyer, there are ample wheelchair access, ramps and facilities to make sure everyone is given an opportunity to enjoy the facilities.

In going onboard the Singapore Flyer, you will be glad to know that boarding the capsule will be as easy as pie, even if you are on a wheelchair. There are steps on platforms on two sides which will make it very convenient going in as it is going out.

The ride takes about 30 minutes, and it will be the most fantastic Ferris wheel ride you will ever experience. You can see as far as 45 km away, and the view, whether in the morning or afternoon, is just unbelievable.

Expect to spend more than a few hours at the Singapore Flyer, and it is guaranteed, you will want to come back for another visit. Singapore has a lot to offer its guests, and the Singapore Flyer is just one of the tours you can enjoy in this vibrant and wonderful Asian city.



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