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General Information About Singapore

Facts Land Area:
683 sq kilometres
Population: 4.8 million
Races: Chinese 77%, Malay 14% and Indian 8%
Religion: Buddhists 42%, Muslims 15%, Christians 14% Toaist 9% and Hindus 4%
Language: Malay (National). English, Mandarin and Tamil (Official)
Holiday January New Year's Day & Hari Raya Haji
February Lunar New Year
April Good Friday
May Labour Day & Vesak Day
August National Day
October Deepavali & Hari Raya Puasa
December Christmas Day
Airport Singapore Changi Airport and Seletar Airport. Airport tax of S$21 are charged during check-in at Changi Airport. If you are in transit for less than 24 hours, you are not required to pay for the airport tax.
Currency Singapore dollars (S$). Licensed money changers can be found at Changi Airport, banks and most of the shopping malls in the city.
Goods & Services Tax (GST)

7% is levied on all purchases in Singapore. However, Visitors or Tourist are entitle for Goods & Services Tax refund on your purchases upon your departure at the airport. For more information pertaining to GST refund, please log on to

Water Water in Singapore is clean and drinkable direct from the tap. Bottled water can also be easily available at most supermarkets and stores islandwide.
Weights & Measurements Metric System
Smoking Smoking is not allowed in most of the public places such as malls, restaurants, lifts, theatres, cinemas, office buildings and public vehicles such as buses, trains and taxis. Smoking is only allowed in certain designated locations marked with signage. A fine up to S$1,000 can be imposed on offenders.
Public Transportation Mass Rapid Transit Trains, Buses and Taxis
Electricity Voltage is 220-240 volts AC. Utilities are a three-pin, square-shaped plug and socket system. When buying electronic items from Singapore, its good to check the voltage against that of your home country.



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