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Hourly Disposal

Hourly disposal services provide you exclusive use of Limousine cab or Maxi cab for business and pleasure. Ferrying you in its elegance and comfort to wherever you want to go in this beautiful city. We have packaged city tours that cover all places and events that you should not miss. Let our skilled Taxi Tourist Guides expertly navigate you through our sparkling city of Singapore.

Our classy Limousine or Maxi cabs can be at your disposal for any corporate events, road shows, trade shows, sports events, all become yours to view and participate with our hourly disposal services. Your time is your own when we are at your service.

Business Travelers who come to the city can make sure that they do not miss any important event due to lack of timely transportation. You can hire our services on an hourly basis and hop from one important event to another.

You can go from an important event to a tourist attraction if there is an interval in-between and then come back to attend the event on time. We thus let you mix business with pleasure. We help you move effortlessly from the corporate world to the entertainment world and back. We help you to combine work and relaxation and thus let you save every second of your time.

Using our hourly disposal services, you can charter our cabs to any destination of your choice and will remain at your disposal for as long as you need. You can travel in the safety and comfort of our cabs, through the beauty and brightness of our city. You can glide back and forth from corporate events to personal events, to a gourmet restaurant in-between or to a trade show after that which you do not want to miss.

With the type of expertise our drivers have about local places and roads, you can make use of our hourly disposal services for viewing and assessing a property or negotiating a deal with the seller.

Our taxis can wait for you at the venue of every event. Being at every event that you want to view, would surely give you a lot of satisfaction. With the courtesy of our drivers and the comfort of our Limousine cab, Maxi cab or Mini Bus even the process of being taken there is going to be a pleasure for you.

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