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Singapore Kampong Gelam

Kampong Gelam was created for Malays and Muslims immigrants, by Sir Stamford Raffles. An Bugis Sailing Craftarea rich in Glam Trees, gained its name from them. The trees were used by the Malays and Buginese as medicine and caulk for their fishing boats.

The Kampong Gelam today, is a village that offers many goods and services. Many Arab textile merchants, Chinese tombstone makers and steel tools men, Minangkabau and Javanese food vendors as well as many more merchants inhabit the streets of Kampong Gelam.

Textile Merchants on Arab StreetAs the city is rich with many varying religions, the haj pilgrims will trek to the Kampong Khaji. The Kampong Khagi is place to go to class and buy needed supplies for the long sea journey to Mecca. Majority of the cities religious influence is Muslim and is reflected in the many shops, merchandise and residents maintaining in Kampong Gelam.

Most of the Haj Pilgrims will work in the city to pay for their Carpet Merchants on Arab Streetpilgrimage to Mecca and then become permanent residents. Kampong Gelam offers an array of culture and history. The Sultan Mosque is Singapore's oldest and is a Preserved National Monument. Now the city is a busy, but conservative district.

Maintaining many significant landmarks, that has defined Singapore's History. Many Muslims practice fasting in their religious beliefs, as reflected in the fasting month of Ramadan. On the street of Bussorah, many Muslims at the end of their fast join a famous food bazaar. The Bussorah Street Bazaar is a collection of fantastic deserts and dishes, to please the palate.

During the occasion of Hari Raya many Muslims will gather at the Sultan Mosque to perform the Hair Raya Prayers, every morning. The Muslim believers will adorn new clothing to mark the victory over the temptations and wrong doings, during the month of Ramadan. Many Muslim Men and children performing the morning prayers will adorn colourful Baju Kurung.



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