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Little India has a great beginning and was established by Sir Stamford Raffles, in the late 19th century. Sir Raffles brought along many assistants and soldiers, in 1819. Soon more and more Indian immigrants arrived to find work in the flourishing city.
Jasmine garlands seller along Little IndiaMany of the Indian Immigrants helped to build the roads and maintain key positions in the Singapore's civil service. The Little India of today is an awesome assortment of wonderful spices and Jasmine garlands, and unique treasures of brass, wood carving and colourful silk saris.

When strolling down the walkways many are bombarded Streets of Little Indiaby the beautiful smells and goods offered. The greatness if Little India are seen more so during the Festival of Lights. A wonderful celebration, of the city, that transforms the city into a wonderland for shoppers and shop keepers, alike.

Little India is also a very faith driven society. During the Thaipusam, in January and February, many residents Henna artist in Little Indiaperform rituals and adorn colourful clothing, for the occasion. Temples in the city co-exist with churches and Mosques and are often more colourful, on the exteriors.

Along with restaurants that have all the great foods of the Indian Culture. Majority if the visitors to the city will not leave without a Henna Tattoo and a traditional drink known as Teh Tarik. Many of the businesses have been in Yoghurt stallexistence since the beginnings of Little India. When Exploring the Five-Foot ways alleys and shop houses, see the many lives and cultures of its people.

Along the busy Serangoon Road you find a Fortune Tellers with a beautiful parrot that reads a patrons fortunes, near the five-foot way.

On the Yoghurt Street, vendors sell Thairu for visitors to drink. This tasty beverage is usually sold Sweet shopoutside shops in plastic buckets. Many of the houses down the way, in Little India arcade, have been conserved since 1982. These shops offer many types of goods and services.

The Sari shops sell elaborate fabrics, which have gold and silver threads woven into them. On Serangoon Road, many Indian sweets and snacks are sold. These snacks are extremely healthy and do not have Display of bangles in Little Indiaprocessed sugars and ingredients.

In little India, they have Ayurvedic medicine shops. This very ancient Indian medicinal practice believes in the "Science if Life". They use a more holistic approach to healing.

A Paan Wallah is a Betel Nut Seller. The Paan Wallah uses the mildly narcotic Betel Nut to help aid in the digestion process. Pieces of the Betel Nut are chopped either to be fine if course in texture. Then the nuts are then mixed with Lime Paste and in some cases other spices, rolled into a Betel Leaf on then eaten.

The Henna Tattoo artists in Little India will create people intricate and beautiful designs. Theses tattoos last 10 days and can be applied all over the body. Many of these Henna Tattoo Artists can be found in the beauty parlours of the city.

Outside the Little India Arcade by Campbell Lane, turn right and you'll see the vividly colourful flower shops selling garlands and fresh flowers. The air conditioned food court sells many traditional Indian foods and souvenir copy of the story signs. The Story signs are placed amongst traditional products in the arcade to explain Indian symbolism and values.

In the North and South Indian restaurants, most of the cuisine is vegetarian. One of the favourites of the residents is curry and rice, with other dishes being served on Banana Leaves. Little India offers many types of Nepalese and Indian Muslim foods, in the many open-fronted coffee shops.

The Roti Prata, is an Indian Pancake. A Prata Maker will flip the paper thin dough with his hands, before folding it over and tossing it onto the oiled griddle, then promptly served to the patrons of the restaurant.

Traditionally, Indian goldsmiths were well-respected as they were also the image-makers of the gods. Today, many of these goldsmiths are still true Indian craftsmen, creating jewellery from ancient patterns.

These goldsmiths still maintain the wonderful craftsmanship, of old. Little India is a wonder to behold and all the secrets, beauty and expression of the area can be easily seen.



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