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Medical Chaperon

Our Maxi cabs carry the patients with utmost care and comfort, our 7-seater Maxi Cabs are even equipped with ramps for easy wheel chair access.

Singapore has several feathers in its cap. One of these is its recognition as an important Medical Tourism Destination by the Travel Weekly Asia Industry Award. Since medical aid is very expensive in the West in general, there are many people who seek cheaper hospital facilities in a salubrious ambience. Singapore fits their bill perfectly. This island city offers wide spectrum health care facilities ranging from primary screening to specialist services and even organ transplants. And our taxi services do its share in this service industry by providing wheel chairs, hospital transportation and medical chaperon services.

The acknowledgement of the city as a primary health care destination has necessitated the presence of many related peripheral services. One of these is the provision for quick and ready transportation of patients to hospitals, as well as the availability of medical chaperons to accompany them to hospital. Our taxi services take care of both these requirements to the best satisfaction of those who come seeking health care. Our Limousine cabs and Maxi cabs take patients in all comfort and care to the hospitals and health care centers and provide medical chaperons.

We have among us, personnel well trained in patient handling. Under the aegis of the Singapore Taxi Academy, these people have been specially trained in driving patients safely to the required hospitals. These trained personnel also have with them all necessary information as to which are the hospitals and health organizations that cater to specific patient requirements.

As estimated 410,000 health care seekers came to the city in 2006 in search of medical help. Such influx increases the requirements for wheel chairs, medical chaperons etc. The treatments that these health visitors seek are varied and include dental, cosmetic or anti-ageing treatments. Our trained personnel know to expertly cater to the needs of each category since they have detailed information on hospital services.

We provide round the clock transportation to the entire category of patients, to all these different types of hospitals. We also take them back and forth to residences, hotels, day care centers or rehabilitation centers, for non-emergency cases.

Another recognition that has been conferred on Singapore is the ranking of Singapore's health care system as the best in Asia by World Health Organization in 2000. The country is also reputed for its high standards of blood safety. It is also a healthy place for convalescents. All this attracts more patients to this island country and we cater increasingly to their need in every way by providing medical chaperons and taking them to hospitals.

Whatever the requirement, we provide all support facility like foldable wheel chair in the taxi and medical chaperon services whenever necessary.

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