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13-Seater Mini Bus

One of the best parts about travelling is being around friends or family in seeing new sights, and enjoying different cultures and traditions. If you are planning to go to Singapore as a group, wouldn't it be great that upon arrival in Singapore, you have a charter vehicle intimate enough to enable everyone to connect with each other, and at the same time, have enough room for comfort? You can do this by booking a 13-seater van that will handle all your arrival and departure needs.
13-seater mini busOne such choice would be the Toyota Mini Bus which is a very popular for medium sized groups.
It has soft, luxurious seats with a great dual cooling system. The air vents are well placed, with high tech audio and video systems readily available to entertain you anytime you want.
As far as popularity, this Toyota Hi-Ace has been widely accepted worldwide with more than 3.7 units sold since it was introduced to the market.

Part of the appeal of the Mini bus is its ample leg room, wide entry/exit doors with an extra step for those who need some assistance getting in or out of the MiniBus.
When seated inside the Mini bus, you find yourself in an amazing and subdued space where noise from outside is greatly reduced because of the MiniBus soundproofing and acoustic systems.

interior of mini busSince Singapore is located in an area where it tends to get hot, the glass windows, front windshield, and rear view window are all protected by UV resistant glass which dilutes the effects from the rays of the hot Singapore sun.

Even the safety features of the Mini Bus had been totally considered for large groups. It comes with individual 3-point seatbelts, and individual or double seats. Moving inside the bus is very easy because of the wide walkway which makes it simple to load everyone inside as well as unload them quickly.

As with most vans or MiniBus, the front passenger seat may sometimes be a little difficult to climb into, but not the MiniBus. Even this has been considered, and there are sturdy handgrips, and a 435 mm high step that one can use to get on or off the bus.

Booking the 13-seater MiniBus with Singapore Taxi Tours is really just a matter of going online, and placing a reservation. No fuss, no hassle. Everything is done in a few minutes. Once you get to Singapore, everything is taken care of. You and your party will be met on time for your airport transfers, and brought to your hotel.

Singapore Taxi Tours prides itself in being able to always meet its schedules. You will never be inconvenienced by delays, missed flights and appointments, or impolite and indifferent driver/tour guide.

Much attention is given to the needs of the party. In fact, even if you have submitted an itinerary, you can make adjustments to this, and Singapore Taxi Tours will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Sight-seeing tours in Singapore with the MiniBus is a pleasure because you won't have to deal with tight, uncompromising schedules, and unknown people in the group. You will also be able to go down to the grassroots levels of Singapore culture with a MiniBus that can stop at a side road coffee shop if you and your party impulsively decide to sample some of Singapore's delicious cuisine.

Businessmen who come to Singapore will be very pleased with the professional ethics and attention to detail that is common to all of Singapore Taxi Tour services. If you need airport transfers and corporate transfers for your clients while in the city, the perfect solution would be to have them met by a well-dressed, courteous driver on board a 13-seater Mini Bus. The MiniBus can take them anywhere around the city. Moving from meeting to function; from breakfast appointments to dinner parties is all parts of the corporate transfer services.

Managing corporate transfers and airport transfers can be a little demanding since schedules are rigid and must be met always. Fortunately all the drivers of Singapore Taxi Tours have been accredited with the Singapore Tourism Board, which makes them the ideal professional to depend on to get you to the right places on time.
What's so great about this bus is that even if you are not a large group of 13, you can still book this bus because it has practically no space limit to worry about. You can shop to your heart's content, and never feel crowded in the MiniBus.

The hourly charter of the MiniBus is quite reasonable, and considering you will have at your disposal a two-in-one accredited Singapore expert, you cannot ask for more.
You may choose to hire the MiniBus for a couple of hours in the morning, then again, for a couple of hours before the end of the day. Your schedule is always top priority. Hourly charters make for better trips, and more enjoyable sight-seeing tours. It minimizes the pressure of finishing on time, thus allowing tourists and businessmen to enjoy bustling, vibrant Singapore City.

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