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Singapore Night Safari

An African Safari is perhaps the prerogative of only the adventurous. But the Singapore Night Safari is the prerogative of all, young and old, timid and bold. And to ensure that you do not miss this spectacular show, is our taxi services with our taxi tours and one way transfers in our swanky Limousine cabs and Maxi cabs.

Set in 40 hectares and built at a cost of about $63 million, the Singapore Night Safari offers the visitors a chance to view more than 1000 nocturnal animals in their simulated natural environment. The area of the Singapore Night Safari is a secondary rain forest near the Singapore Zoo. Animals are kept here separated from viewers by moats that are designed to look like streams.

We can take you to this fascinating night scene in our classy Limousines or Maxi cabs and our Taxi Tourist Guides can give you a lot of advance information about timings, rates etc. You can make it a part of a taxi tour or you can have a one way transfer in the cool Singapore night. Started in 1994, the Singapore Night Safari has so far entertained more than 11 million visitors. Our Limousine cabs and Maxi cabs and Taxi Tourist Guides have done their part in taking people there.

During the Singapore Night Safari, genuine animal behavior can be observed since the animals are not able to see the spectators and so behave in the most natural way. The safari park is divided into 8 geographical zones and can be covered either on foot or in a tram. The walking trails are known as Fishing Cat, Forest Giants and Leopard Trail. There are more than 1040 animals, some of which are threatened species. The Fragrant Walk from the coach drop-off point to the entrance, through thousands of fragrant flowers, is the welcoming trail to the show. There are also tribal dances and performances that give a mystic aura to the safari.

The walking trail starts with the Fishing Cat trail where you can see Cats, Otters and huge Bats in action. The trail then becomes the Forest Giant's Trail with hardy rain forest trees and plants with its rich fauna of Amphibians, Crickets, Nightjars, Owls, Squirrels and Shrews. In this trail is an amphitheatre with a 'Creatures of the Night Show' where you can see Pumas, Barn Owls, Pythons and Raccoons in action. From there it is a 45 minutes tram journey through a simulated Himalayan foothills environment with Himalayan Tahr, Bharal, Vultures, Wolves, Greater Asian Rhino, Jackals, Hyenas, Gir Lions and Deers.
On the Leopard Trail are Clouded Leopards, Flying Squirrels and Flying Malayan Bats. And the tram journey on this route shows you Giraffes, Hyenas, Hippos, Bearded Pigs and a variety of fascinating animal night life. Visitors have the option of customizing these tours by increasing or decreasing the walking time or saving time by skipping shows.

There is no shortage of eateries en route. There are 600-seater eateries like Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, and arrangements like Cocktail Safari Express and Gourmet Safari Express where you can feast on board while going on the safari.

At the end of the unforgettable Singapore Night Safari, there are souvenirs that you can carry back to remember the wonderful expedition - wildlife-themed stationeries and animal themed jewelleries and clay figurines known variously as 'Jungle Jewels', 'Glow-in-the-dark' etc.. And you will have your ride in our Limousine cabs and Maxi cabs to remember, whether it was a one way transfer or a taxi tour.


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