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One-Way Transfer

One way transfer in our Limousine cabs and Maxi cabs are the ultimate word in passenger comfort. We are ready to serve you at any time you need and take you to all events that you should attend. By availing of this service, busy corporate executives can make sure that they do not lose time and that they do not miss any corporate event.

For a one way transfer, we can pick up a customer from any point within Singapore city or Sentosa Island in our Limousine cab or Maxi cab and drop him off at the venue of any local event or corporate function.

One way transfer comes in most handy for travelers who require airport transfer. If you are to be picked up and dropped off at the airport, to help us serve you best, you should give us your flight details as well as your pick-up point details. To be picked up from a hotel, please remember to give the hotel address and phone number. Likewise, the flight number and departure time should be given to us sufficiently in advance. This helps us to decide better how early you should be picked up to reach the airport on time. Our drivers are experts in local whether conditions, peak hour traffic etc. that will help you prevent possible delays in reaching the airport.

The same rule applies for being received at the airport and dropped off at a hotel. You have to give us your flight details like arrival timing and flight number so that we will be able to check and find out the reasons if there is delay in arrival. Once you have given us the details, rest assured that we will be at the airport to receive you, whatever the time the flight arrives.

No one benefits more from our one way transfer services than members of the senior corporate world, who have to live moving from one important event to another. We know that their schedules are very tight. So we ensure that their itineraries are in no way disrupted.

This convenience of one way transfer services can be availed not just to ensure participation in a corporate event, but also to ensure that no personal event is missed. We can pick you up in our Limousine cab, Maxi cab and Mini Bus from anywhere, from a shopping mall or restaurant, or from a tourist attraction spot where you just chose to linger a little extra, or from a ferry terminal. Above all, together we can customize the one way transfer pattern, even if you happen to call us from a comparatively unfrequented spot.

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