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Raffles Hotel

No trip to Singapore would ever be complete without a visit to the fabulous Raffles Hotel, one of the signature landmarks of the city. Of all the hotels in Singapore, this has to be the grandest of all with luxurious amenities and 5 star service. Aside from being a historical site, rich in history and complete in treasures galore of the culture and artistry of the country, you should sample the delicious Singapore Sling which is an original recipe concocted way back between 1910 and 1915.

This Singapore Sling is a cocktail drink that is found in many drink menus across the globe, but never will it taste as good as the original Singapore Sling created by Ngiam Tong Boon, and later re-invented by his nephew in the 1970s.

You will be absolutely stunned by the magnificence of this hotel because it surpasses any other experience you may have had with other hotels. The modern amenities make living in a historical hotel a delight because you are surrounded by antiques and colourful cultural artifacts, but have access to all the convenience of the present century.

The Raffles Hotel was designed by R.A. J. Bidwell. The Main Building of the hotel was constructed in the spot where the Beach House was located. This building was completed in 1899. It had the latest modern inventions of that time which was the electric lights and ceiling fans. Its Dining Room was a stretched out function room that could seat up to 500 people.

New additions to the Main Building were added in 1904 with the construction of the Bras Basah Wing, and then the Palm Court after 6 years. In 1920, the grand hotel Ballroom was opening to the public, and it was stupendous. This was the place to celebrate life's changing moments like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

It seems that there was no stopping the popularity and fame of the Raffles Hotel, until the Great Depression hit the world. Suddenly, Raffles Hotel started to lose a lot of money, and the hotel owners, the Sarkies brothers, declared bankruptcy in 1931 with a huge 3.5 million debt.

After a little over 2 years, Singapore Raffles Hotel was reborn under new management, and things started to look better. Now operating under Raffles Hotel Limited, it's reputation started to shine even brighter. It has been attracting many celebrities, royalty, and political figures over the past years. Some of these immensely worlds famous figures are Rudyard Kipling, Noel Coward, Charlie Chaplin, Somerset Maugham, Ava Gardner, among others.

The latest renovation of the Raffles Hotel started in 1989 to the tune of 160 million. When it was re-opened in 1991 of September, Raffles Hotel was incredible, and guests were delighted with the amazing interior, rooms, and facilities. Naturally, the service was the typical Raffle Hotel signature, and word quickly spread about it throughout Singapore and the rest of the world.

Today, Raffles Hotel has its own museum, theatre and shopping arcade with over 60 exclusive shops. The entire hotel is resplendently decorated with more than 700 Oriental carpets and Persian rugs.

Upon entering the hotel, you will be stunned by the magnificence of the hotel lobby. There are 86 suites which pay tribute to historical figures and eras with wonderful art and artifact from centuries past. There are also the Grand Suites where you have so much room to move around which makes staying in a hotel an experience not likely to be forgotten at all. On the other hand, you can also stay in one of the Personality Suites aptly named after the famous personality that stayed in that particular room.

For the professional career-oriented, there are business suites that are designed to cater to your professional needs. With Singapore being a huge financial city in Asia, you would want to be in touch with the rest of the world to keep abreast of all the latest in the world of business and finance. This is something Raffles Hotel understands and attends to personally.

Simply put, staying or visiting the Raffles Hotel is a must-do for anyone coming to Singapore. You can drop by and sample the finest cuisine in all of Singapore with the fabulous chefs who will stop at nothing to please you. Lastly, don't forget to order a couple of Singapore Slings to cap your evening!


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