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The Singapore's Sentosa Island is a recreational wonderland. Majority of the island goers reach the area by cable car, ferry or road. The minute a person steps on to the island, they are bombarded with history, culture entertainment and a slew of attractions, as well as an 18-hole golf course. This theme park has provided great fun and excitement for the patrons.

The Underwater world on the Sentosa Island is a discovery of marine creatures and the unique habitats. Underwater world lets visitors see into the lives of their aquatic friends from many places around the world. There are more than 2,500 fish from many different species, which have brought a whole new world to the land lovers. The fish exist among coral and other exotic marine life, as well as other marine mammals. The Dugong and the dolphin displays are some of the best views in the park. Many deadly species of fish live at the island. The Moray Eel, Stone fish, Lion fish, Porcupine fish and the Leopard shark call Sentosa home.

In the "Touch Pool" a person can enjoy touching the star fish and the tunnels are a discovery of underwater life, literally. People can take a moving walk to watch the sharks, stingrays, groupers, and other schools of fish in their real habitats. Some can even swim with the sharks all together with trained guides and watch them eat during feeding times.

The Dolphin lagoon on the Island is an amazing way to swim the sweetest mammals of the sea. Sentosa Island has the Indo Pacific Humpback or Pink Dolphin varieties. These creatures are extremely intelligent and interaction is often requested by the trainers. "Meet the Dolphins" sessions are held daily and visitors to the park can see demonstrations of Spy-hopping, Tall-Walking and Vocalisation. The trainers also discuss the human relationships with the dolphin
biology and many of the sessions are translated to English. Many travellers to the Sentosa will also encounter Asia's largest collection of insects. This collection has 3,000 species of creepy crawlers and some of the most beautiful and rarest of species, as well.

The indoor butterfly conservatory has 1,500 insects in its walls. Many of the butterflies are also still in the pupae stage and visitors can watch some of them emerge from their cocoons The live insect display has a selection of live specimens which is separately enclosed in glass cases. These include jungle grasshoppers, long horned and single-horned beetles, man-bugs, dead leave mantis, ghost spiders, millipedes, tarantulas and scorpions.

From here, visitors may tour the fort structures and tunnels, experiencing along the way what life was like for soldiers and volunteers who served on Sentosa from the 19th to the 20th centuries. One of the most popular attractions is the 6-inch gun and life sized vignettes telling the lives of the soldiers in the Prisoner Of War camps, that were all over Singapore. Sentosa offers real depictions of the horrific treatment of prisoners in the camps and describing their day to day lives, as well. They also celebrate the battle of Singapore and good deeds of extraordinary citizens, of the city.

The tour is ended with the Surrender Chambers, which majority of the images have been moved to the Singapore Museum. The images have been updates into a showcase, which explains Singapore's rich history, culture and good values. The images are also separated into 4 different sections the Four Winds of Singapore, Singapore adventure, Singapore celebrates and Celebration City.

May folk tales and legends are integrated with fact, to make the experience of a lifetime. The Sentosa 4d Magix is a state of the art theatre offering the best that movie magic can bring. The experience is so real that people can feel the wind on their face, movement in the seats and special live effects like water spray.

The Cineblast lets a person experience the feeling of soaring over mountains and rushing to the bottom of valleys. The cinema also offers a High definition Wide projection screen with a 6 axis motion system. In the Sentosa Luge, is the first luge in Southeast Asia? Ride either a go cart and or a toboggan for the thrill of your life.

Hang on tight as you zoom down a winding 650 metre track. Go as fast or as slow as you wish using its unique steering and braking system. Then take a leisurely ride back to the top on a chairlift that hangs 60 feet above the ground. Stunning views of lush forest canopies, sparkling coastlines, the busting harbour and the city skyline are sure to take your breath away.

In the Tiger Sky tower People can feel the excitement of the hill top at the Imbiah lookout. This is the Sentosa Islands focal vantage and Singapore's tallest public viewing tower. Visitors will first enter a large disc-shaped air-conditional cabin fitted with glass window all around, at the ground level. Revolving slowly as the cabin ascends up a column, visitor can catch 360-degree views of the surroundings whilst seated. Upon reaching the summit of its ascent, they will be treated a bird's eye view of Sentosa, the Singapore skyline and even
Indonesia Island.

Located at the western tip of Sentosa, Fort Siloso was built in the 1880s by the British to protect the western approaches of the Singapore Harbour. The new Fort Siloso experience takes visitors from Singapore's earliest days through the events of World War II in a comprehensive and cohesive fashion. Shuttled in a fort tram from the foot of the hill, guests will be dropped off at a new square, where they can take in a series of displays and films that detail Fort Siloso 's history from its creation in the 1800s through World War II and beyond. From here, visitors may tour the fort's structures and tunnels, experiencing along the way what life was like for soldiers and volunteers who served on Sentosa from the 19th to the 20 th centuries.

Get ready to fall under the charm of a new nightly extravaganza set in the sea. Songs of the Sea bring you an amazing show with a live cast and spectacular effects pyrotechnics, water jets, shining lasers, unusual computer imaging, bursts of fire, captivating music and stunning flame bursts. It's one-of-a-kind entertainment that's not to be missed. Songs of the Sea is a rain or shine event.


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