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Singapore Sultan Mosque

The Sultan Mosque was named after the Shah himself, Sultan Hussain.
This worship centre costs 3000 dollars to build and the funds were donated by the East India Company. The Mosques location was built on the Sultan's Royal Grounds, and has a unique 3-tiered roof.

Singapore Sultan MosqueThe original building is now one of the annexes of the Sultan Mosque of today. In 1879, Sultan Alauddin Shah, grandson of Sultan Hussain, decided to let a Board of Trustees maintain the Mosque. These 5 Muslim Trustees encouraged and developed expansion of the Sultan Mosque.

Much of the city had seen rapid growth if the Muslim faith and population in Singapore. Soon the older Mosque began to deteriorate so the need for renovations and upgrades was necessary. A massive reconstruction of the Sultan Mosque had been undergone in 1924. The rebuilding of the Sultan's Mosque was dome on the phases, as not to disrupt the prayers of the Muslim Believers. In its completion, in 1928, the building costs had reached 200,000. In time the Sultan's Mosque was declared a historical building, by the Preservation of Monuments Board.

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