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Singapore Suntec City

In August 1995, The Suntec city was opened. This highly anticipated opening was 6 years in the making. This construction marvel was commissioned and built by the consortium group, as well as other important industry leaders.

Suntec City was built in the heart of Marina Centre and close to City Hall. It is considered to be a "city within a city". The name of the city, Suntec, is derived from the Chinese character xin da, which means "new achievement".

Credence can also be given to Mandala (an ancient philosophical representation of the universe) as well as Chinese geomancy (Feng Chui). According to Feng Chui masters, Suntec City is aligned to create maximum harmony. This means the creators built the city in the belief that it would bring fortune and success.

There are many sites of marvel in the Suntec City. When viewed from above, the five office towers resemble the left palm of a person. In the fountain plaza and the fountain of Wealth, it looks as if there is a gold ring placed in the centre of the palm of a hand.

One of Singapore's largest shopping and entertainment centres is Suntec Mall. This huge Mall has 82,528 sq metre of quality retail space that are segmented into four thematic sections. The Elegant Galleria, The Tropics, Fountain Terrace and Entertainment Centre all caters to specific needs.

The Elegant Galleria is over 6,000 square metre of Boutiques with nothing but branded and exclusive merchants. The Tropics has something for the Young and Old, with many sports, recreation and fashions and home furnishing outlets. The Fountain Terrace offers a wide array of international fanfare and the Entertainment Centre houses a giant French supermarket, movie cinema and other entertainment related products and services.

In 1998, the Guinness book of world records named the Fountain of Wealth the "World's Largest Fountain". This Mecca if water spreads over 1683.07 meters and is supported by four 13.8 metres high bronze legs. The Fountain of Wealth has become the most prominent fixture in the Sun Tec Mall.

The design of the fountain is such that it receives all the benefits of Feng Chui. Geomancy is the basis of Suntec and according to, I-Ching, it is aligned to the dragon position of the "Lake" hexagram.

It is located next the City Hall, The Supreme Court, Pan Pacific Hotel and Marina Square. All of these buildings form the "frugality" hexagram, in the Feng Chui belief. In the basis of Mandala, the fountain's gold ring symbolizes unity and
completeness. The Gold ring is also thought to symbolize the cooperation between the 11 corporate tycoons from Hong Kong, whom saw the vision of Sun Tec. The Beautiful Fountain of Wealth also has a spectacular laser-light show, which dance against a curtain if water every evening.

Singapore first convention and exhibition centre, The Singapore International & Exhibition Centre at Suntec with total floor area of 100,000 square metre. It was design and cater mainly for conventions, exhibitions, meetings and other special events.


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