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Singapore Taxi Tour

Our Taxi Tourist Guides perform the dual functions of tourist guides as well as that of the drivers of the comfortable Limousine cab or Maxi cab. They make your city tour or sight-seeing tour an exhilarating experience.

Singapore is a tourist's dream that becomes a reality. With its sparklingly green and spotlessly clean surroundings, Singapore charms every entrant to the city. Its night safaris, its famous Underwater World that houses a rich variety of marine animals, its dolphin shows, and historical sites are a virtual feast for those who come to explore the place. A complete city tour transports a tourist to another world.

City Tour and Sight-Seeing Tour in our Maxi Cab or Limousine Cab

With the Limousine cabs and Maxi cabs at our disposal, we are offering tourists a highly satisfying and innovative form of sight-seeing. Our target customers are generally families or other smaller travel groups, since the seating capacity of a taxi, even that of a Limousine cab is only four, though a Maxi cab is a seven-seater.

By catering more to the needs of smaller groups, our Taxi Tourist Guides are able to give more personal attention to their customers. Our Guides are highly professional and has a high level of skill and dedication to their chosen line of service.

And if you want to know how best such a sight-seeing tour of the city can be managed, visiting all places of attraction, the answer is to avail the services of our Singapore Taxi Tourist Guides. This taxi service of ours practically functions as a lifeline to the tourist's requirement of taking in everything that the place has to offer. We give you the option of a city tour or sight-seeing tour in elegance and comfort at fixed hourly rates. Besides ordinary taxis, we have Limousine cabs, and Maxi cabs that can seat seven passengers.

A unique web site, which caters to tourist needs. It provides details of taxi availability, and lists places of attraction that tourists should not miss. Besides these, the site offers transportation services for attending personal or public functions or for picking up the tourist from the airport or taking back those who are returning. The site lets you choose from a list of licensed Taxi Tourist Guides, who can take you on a perfect sight-seeing tour. These Taxi Guides are experienced tourist guides, accredited by the Singapore Tourism Board and well informed in the historical and current importance of tourist attractions.

So well-organized is our taxi service that even if you are at Singapore for a short duration during transit you can make use of our services. You can get the details of our services via the web site and book our Limousine cab or 7-seater Maxi cab. So, instead of waiting for the connection flight in the transit lounge, avail of our taxi services that will pick you up and take you around for a short 3 hour perfect sight-seeing tour. Based on your choice and limitations of time, the Taxi Guide can take you on a fast city tour of important places of tourist attractions. If you need you will also be taken to shops where you can make the best bargains. And if you are a food aficionado, there are number of restaurants where you can try out the best gourmet food.

Our website caters to the needs of all types of people who want to go on a city tour. While those tourists who want to explore the whole place can definitely make use of our services, so can those who are there for just a short stop-over. Even for those who are residents, making use of the comforts of our Limousine cabs and Maxi cabs is a very practical and healthy option for a city tour. Our site has an abundance of information that will help you make your sight-seeing tour of Singapore the most pleasurable experience.

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