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Thian Hock Keng Temple

This is one of Singapore's oldest and most magnificent Chinese temples. Also referred to as the Temple of Happiness its stand on Telok Ayer Street, "Water by the Bay" a time was remembered before repossession of land when the streets lead along side the shores of Singapore's Straights. The temple's recorded history is linked to early immigrants to Singapore. These immigrants gave thanks to "Ma Zu" (a Toaist deity and protector of seafarers) after they had travelled hard journey across the China sea.

Singapore Thian Hock Keng TempleA "joss house" was erected on the location of this temple by the Fujian Community (Hokkien). The Chinese Philanthropist Tan Tock Seng (1798 to 1850) was the largest donor and was also the person that leaded the construction efforts. All of these among other history of the temple can be found in granite tablets on the walls of the inside of the temple.

In the middle of the main hall you can see the god of war to your right on the protector of life to your left. The statue of Ma Cho, and other deities of luck, war and punishment can be found inside the temple on the main alter.

The architectural nature of the temple is the traditional Southern Chinese fashion of building. The design of the temple carries the Chinese standard of axial symmetry. The roof is a magnificent sight with curved ridges, extended leaves with upturned Minnan (southern Fujian) 'swallow tail' end curves and generous ornamentation. In 1998 seventy Chinese artisans renovated the building. If you take a close look at the glorious carpentry design you will be quick to point out there there is no nails present in the wood used in the joins and arches.

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