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Singapore Zoo

If the word zoo brings to your mind the picture of caged animals staring miserably at visitors, it is sure that you have not seen the Singapore Zoo. Here, in a simulated rain forest environment, animals roam around unfettered. There are no cages and the zoo inmates and visitors are separated just by concealed moats. More dangerous animals are kept in large enclosures with glass fronts. This 'open' concept is a unique feature of the Singapore Zoo.

Tiger at the ZooOur taxis can take you to this wild life kingdom, as a part of an overall taxi tour, or as a one way transfer. If you have only limited time, you can accommodate the Singapore Zoo in you itinerary, while taking a taxi tour of the city. But if you want to explore the zoo in full, it would take time. In that case, you can avail of our one way transfer services, whereby we can pick you up from anywhere and drop you off at the Singapore Zoo. Rest assured that we will ferry you in comfort, in our Limousine cabs or Maxi cabs.

At the end of the day you can once again avail of our one way transfer services, to return. And if you could not finish the zoo voyaging in one day, we can take you back there the next day or any other day. Your can avail our taxi tour or one way transfer services to view the remaining parts. Just like the Singapore Zoo that is open 365 days of the year, our services are available all through the year. We are always at your beck and call, with our plush Limousines and Maxi cabs at your disposal.

Hamadryas Baboons playing at the Singapore ZooOpened in 1973, the Singapore Zoo is set in an area of 28 hectares. Polar bears and Pygmy Hippos, and Hamadryas Baboons, coming from different homelands, meet each other in the comforts of the Singapore Zoo. Of the 315 animal species here, some are species threatened with extinction. The zoo conveys a lot of information on each animal and there is a Wildlife Healthcare & Research Centre.

Komodo Dragon Orang-utans have their own space to climb around and play so that visitors can watch the behavior of these great apes. And there are elephants and ponies and buggies to ride. The vibes between the huge elephants, and the small mahouts who control them, are fascinating to watch. The Reptile Garden, with its Iguanas, Marmosets, and the endangered species of Komodo Dragons, has much to offer. The Fragile Forest, with its walk-through butterfly flight area is another visual treat.

A unique attraction of the Singapore Zoo is the 'Lunch with Lions' feature. Here you can have choice delicacies for lunch in the lion-viewing gallery while the lions lunch nearby at the other side of the glass panel. You can have your breakfast with Orang-utans or feed the elephants, or 'adopt' a zoo animal. There are Tiger Treks, Treetop Trails, and venues for a wedding or birthday party within the zoo.

Animal Shows, designed to let the visitors observe animal behavior and illustrate animal problems, is a prime attraction. In the 'Splash Safari Show' at the Splash Amphitheatre, Jackass Penguins, Californian Sea Lions and Caribbean Manatees participate, displaying marine animal behavior. The show also showcases the problems of marine pollution.

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